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The Boss Brainstorm

What is it? 'The Boss Brainstorm' is a collaborative effort of entrepreneurs, savvy professionals and creatives who gather in order to exchange and receive tools, tactics and resources. Focused guest speakers are invited to join the exchange , lead conversations, and answer questions that are asked. Those who are participating will receive tangible resources and tools + business swagg.

Why? Often times people silo there minds, opportunity and expansion by habits and routine. 'The Boss Brainstorm' experience is an open dialog of what professionals need to hear and questions they need to ask.

Atmosphere Dress is casual. Thinking caps required. B.Y.O.L - Bring your own laptop ( if you want)

Event Details Date: Thursday November 8th Time: 5 to 7 p.m. Location: New Castle County Chamber of Commerce 4-6 p.m. , then walking right next door to Ubon Thai at 6 p.m. to get happy hour! Parking: FREE , in front of Planet Fitness
Refreshments: YES

New Castle County Chamber of Commerce
920 Justinson street Wilmington, DE 19801
Map of location

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